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Civil Servants

Learn about different categories of civil servants.

  • Permanent Civil Servants: Civil servants who, by virtue of a legal appointment, are linked to a Public Organization due to an administrative status regulated by the Administrative Law with the aim of carrying out permanent and paid professional services.
  • Temporary Civil Servants: Civil servants that, for justified reasons of need and urgency, are hired to carry out tasks that are usually developed by permanent civil servants. They can be hired only if:
  1. There are vacancies that they cannot be filled by permanent civil servants.
  2. Temporary replacement of civil servants.
  3. Implementation of temporary programmes
  4. Excess or accumulation of tasks for a maximum period of six months, within a 12 months period.

The selection of temporary civil servants must be done through dynamic procedures that observe principles of equality, merits, abilities and publicity.

  • Labour Staff, regardless of being permanent, open-ended or temporary: Labour staff that, by virtue of a written employment contract, is hired according to any hiring modality included in the labour legislation. They work for the Public Administration, and they are paid for it. Workers linked to the Asturian Administration through a contractual relationship will be considered as labour staff, regardless of being permanent, open-ended or temporary. This contractual relationship will be regulated by the Labour Legislation

The Jobs Catalogue is a technical instrument that sets up, in compliance with the Government’s needs, the organization of the staff working in the Asturian Administration and bodies included in the scope of the Collective Agreement. It will include all jobs that are allocated budget funds, as well as requirements and categories in order to carry out each job.

  • Temporary Staff: Staff who, by virtue of appointment as temporary staff, only carries out tasks specifically described as special advice tasks. Expenses derived from temporary staff are charged to budget appropriations for this purpose.

Ruling of 3 August 2005 by the Regional Ministry of Industry and Employment, which places the Group Agreement for Asturian Government Staff in the Group Agreements Registry of the General Directorate of Labour


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