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Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

What is Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)?

Find information on the television of the future

Digital Terrestrial Television, or DTT, is a new technology that will replace analogue terrestrial television. DTT is a way of sending digital signals –pictures and sound- to an aerial so that it takes up less space than an analogue signal. A box on the viewer’s TV set, known as a set-top box, decodes the digital signal received by the aerial so that it can appear as pictures and sound through the person’s television.



What are the advantages of DTT?



- Radio electric spectrum saturation


- Reception problems: double images, background noise, interferences…


- Higher reception levels


- Limited data transmission capacity (teletext)


- Better use of the bandwidth, allowing the transmission of a higher number of TV channels


- Better picture and multichannel sound


- Multiple languages


-Mobility reception


-Interactive services

What do I need to get DTT?

It is very easy. In order to get DTT there are three basic steps to follow:

1.     First check whether there is DTT coverage in your area.

2.     Adapt the aerial installation for receiving DTT broadcasts. For individual aerials, no specific adaptation is needed because DTT can be received with your regular television aerial at home. Just follow steps 1 and 3. In the case of communal aerials, however, a new amplifier module for digital channels needs to be added. In this case, residents should address their association president or the property administrators and get them to call an installer approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry.

3.     Obtain a DTT receiver, which comes in various guises:

o     A Decoder or Set Top Box (STB), which is a device that connects to our regular analogue television.

o     An Integrated Digital Television, which is a TV set that already has a digital receiver enabling you to receive DTT and regular analogue television. Be sure that the device bears the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) stamp, which assures that it is compatible with DTT. It is also important to ensure it includes the MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) standard to be able to access interactive content and services.

For more in-depth information on DTT and steps to be taken to get DTT, you can check the following guide:

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