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Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Certification

The Government of Asturias has been awarded the AENOR AA TIC Accessibility Certification, in compliance with UNE 139803 Standard, ‘Computer Applications for Disabled People. Web Content Accessibility Requirements’.

Therefore, the institutional website of the Government of Asturias,, fulfils all requirements that guarantee to be accessible to all web users, irrespective of physical limitations and browser type.

AENOR Certification only applies to

Since February 2007, the Spanish Standardization and Certification Association (AENOR) issues a new accessibility certification for websites.
In this sense, all websites and web pages could be awarded a quality certification that will ensure they are accessible to the greatest number of people, irrespective of their limitations or information use environment. 

The new certification is the result of the international agreement between the Spanish Standardization and Certification Association (AENOR) and the Information and Communication Technology Centre (CTIC), in Asturias, and the European Software Institute (ESI Tecnalia), in the Basque Country.

AENOR Accessibility Certification   (PDF format: 33 Kb)

Measures to improve accessibility

On the website of, a series of measures have been taken to improve accessibility. Among the advantages can be mentioned:

  • Improvement in the access of people, irrespective of their physical limitations or information use environment.
  •  Access with different user agents.
  • Inclusion of well organized and suitable contents.
  • Improvement in the navigation and experience of users.

Among the measures taken can be mentioned:

  • Logical order of elements on the screen and logical order of contents in the code.
  • Use of W3C standards.
  • XHTML 1.0 Grammar and CSS 2.  
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG, AA level).

Design and layout

Design and layout of has been developed according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG 1.0), which have direct impact on this development phase:

  • Presentation through style sheets and division of contents.
  • Use of relative units that allow text re-sizing and fluid layouts.
  • Colour Contrast Control.


In order to facilitate navigation, all site documents have a similar structure that includes the same elements.

Tools Section

There is a tools section in each page header that includes links to:

  • Home Page.
  • Accessibility Policy.
  • Contact Us.
  • Addresses and Phone Numbers.
  • Site Map.
  • Different language versions of the site.


A search engine has been displayed in all documents in order that users can have direct access to contents. 


A mechanism known as Breadcrumbs has been used to build the website. Its purpose is to give users a way to keep track of their location within the website, showing a possible route from the home page to the page users are currently viewing.

Document Information

All documents include a link to the privacy policy and legal aspects concerning published contents in the bottom of each page.   

Skip Links

With the aim of improving the access to users using assistive technology (voice navigators, screen readers, etc.) skip links have been created to skip navigation sections and go directly to the main content.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that provide links to main sections and tools of the site.

  • 1 Home page
  • 2 Accessibility Policy
  • 3 Contact Us
  • 4 Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • 5 Web Content
  • 6 Search Text
  • 7 Search Button
  • 8 Legal Notice
  • 9 Privacy Policy
  • S Skip to content

The use of access keys depends on which browser you are using:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + access key + ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + access key
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + access key

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